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Dog daycare, boarding, and grooming

Dog daycare

Playgroups and huge play spaces

Camp K9 is unique in that dogs are arranged in playgroups based on size and compatibility. We entertain and supervise the playgroups their entire stay. Play areas rotate between our inside 2,600-square-foot padded play area to our 10,000-square-foot securely fenced outdoor playground. Imagine your dog surrounded by friends playing, romping, and socializing in a safe, supervised, and controlled atmosphere. A typical day consists of group enrichment, manners, and individual play. We offer personal attention, games, toys, snacks, naps, recess outdoors, general obedience, and more.


  • Camp K-9 daycare will benefit your dog socially and mentally.

  • Daycare provides your dog an opportunity to socialize with others in a safe, supervised environment.

  • Cage-free play allows your dog to have lots of fun burning off excess energy.

  • You will gain peace of mind knowing that your dog's needs are being met.

  • Daycare will allow you and your dog to relax at the end of a busy day!

Positive reinforcement

We focus on constructive dog behavior and emphasize positive reinforcement. We exercise basic obedience commands throughout the day. Our ultimate goal of a well-mannered dog makes a pleasant, well-rounded companion for our human clients. By socializing with an array of people and dogs, you will have a well-rounded dog and one tuckered-out pet at the end of the day.


Things to watch for when your dog comes to Camp K9


Dog Boarding

The kennel alternative

Feeling depressed as you are planning to go on vacation and have to leave your dog at a kennel? When it comes to that cherished member of your family the ordinary just won’t do. It’s important that you feel comfortable and know that your family member is having a great time. Secure sleeping quarters with comfortable bedding and mats are in each area. Dogs play all day while boarded. When you can’t take your family member do the next best thing . . . take them to camp and let them play while you're away.



Full-service grooming spa for dogs and cats

Your pet’s enjoyment and safety are our number one concerns. We care about your pets, and our gentle ways help them relax and enjoy the process. We offer your pet a choice between soft beds or play sessions between grooming table sessions. Your dog can spend the day among friends at daycare and be pampered by our loving staff. You can be secure in knowing that your pet is safe and happy here in our unique environment. We specialize in catering to our customer's needs and desires.

Bath and brush-outs start at $30. Baths for daycare and boarded dogs are given upon request. Additional maintenance charges may apply to dogs that need daily grooming or are matted upon arrival.


Toenail Trims Available 7 days a week-

Until further notice, all nail trims are appointment ONLY. We will not accommodate walk-in nail trims.  



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