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What to watch for when your dog goes to daycare


Sore pads

Running with the dogs may be rough on your pet's feet, and they may get sore and abraded pads. This will go away as their pads get thicker and used to running on different surfaces.


Sore muscles

Your dog will have so much fun playing at Camp K9 that they may get sore muscles. Over time this will fade as you see them get stronger and more in shape.



The new social interaction at Camp K-9 will be both physically and mentally exhausting. Look for your dog to need a lot of rest when they get home.



Your dog's enthusiasm to enter the group will grow as they get accustomed to being at Camp K9. You'll find that they will be just as excited to get to Camp K9 as they are when you pick them up at night.


Wet coat

Your dog's coat may be wet when you pick them up during the summer - on hot summer days they may have been lounging in the pools. Not to worry, the water is changed very frequently to keep them clean and healthy.


Happy dog

Their tail will be wagging and you may even see a smile on their face. It's their way of saying thanks for bringing them to Camp K9.



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